Delays and flight cancellations: Your complete guide to getting compensation

Nothing ruins your holiday more than a delayed flight, or worse, a cancellation. However, you shouldn’t allow discomfort to overshadow your vacation – you have rights, and you can get compensation! Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to do in case of delayed or canceled flights.

Understanding your travel rights

Firstly, it’s vital to know your rights as a flight passenger. These are stipulated in European legislation (CE) No 261/2004, which protects passengers from the inconveniences caused by flight delays or cancellations. You may be eligible for compensation ranging between 250 and 600 euros, depending on the flight distance and delay duration.

With this in mind, it is essential to consider the following points:

⬥ Compensation applies only for flights delayed by more than three hours.

⬥ If the flight was canceled, the airline is obliged to offer you an alternative flight or refund the cost of the ticket.

⬥ Airlines are not required to pay compensation if the delay or cancellation was caused by extraordinary circumstances, such as severe weather conditions or strikes.

Steps to follow to get compensation

If you find yourself in a situation where your flight has been delayed or canceled, there are a few crucial steps to follow to get the deserved compensation.

1. Inform yourself: Check what your rights are in relation to the situation you are in and what amount of money you should receive as compensation.

2. Gather evidence: Record the exact arrival time at the destination and keep all documents related to the flight (tickets, boarding passes, confirmation emails).

3. File a flight compensation claim: Contact the airline and file a compensation claim, providing all necessary details and supporting documents.

4. Seek help: If you encounter difficulties in this process or if the airline refuses to compensate you, you can seek the help of a firm specialized in obtaining this type of compensation.

Delays and flight cancellations: Your complete guide to getting compensation
Delays and flight cancellations: Your complete guide to getting compensation

Protection under EU legislation

Passenger rights are strongly supported by EU legislation. If you encounter difficulties in obtaining deserved compensation from an airline, you can appeal to the National Supervisory Authority or even a court of law. It is essential to know these rights, intended to protect you. To facilitate your process, you can use the AirClaim platform, a tool dedicated to defending your interests as a passenger.

Heading on vacation or business trips, no one expects to navigate the complexity of compensation procedures for delayed or canceled flights. However, armed with the knowledge of your rights and a clear action plan, you can confidently face these situations and get the compensation you deserve.

Obviously, nobody wants to be in the position of needing this guide. However, traveling is always a territory of unpredictability, and sometimes, unpleasant things can happen. In such moments, information is the most valuable resource. So, let’s hope you won’t need these tips, but if it happens, now you know what to do to get the deserved compensation in case of delayed or canceled flights.