Choosing the Right Tape-in Hair Extension Suppliers for Your Salon

Hair extensions are favoured among individuals looking to change their hairstyle, add volume, or experiment with different looks. As a salon owner, offering high-quality tape hair extensions can be a lucrative addition to your services. However, the success of your salon’s hair extension business largely depends on your choice of suppliers. Selecting the right tape-in hair extension supplier is crucial to ensure you provide your clients with premium products that meet their expectations. This article guides you through the process of choosing the right tape-in hair extension suppliers for your salon.

Quality and Authenticity of Hair Extensions:

The most critical factor when selecting a supplier for tape-in hair extensions is the quality of the hair. Clients expect natural-looking, soft, and tangle-free hair extensions. Ensure that your supplier offers authentic human hair extensions, as synthetic or low-quality hair can lead to customer dissatisfaction. To assess quality, request samples from potential suppliers or conduct thorough research on their product reviews and customer feedback.

Variety of Hair Types and Textures:

Different clients have unique hair types and preferences. A reputable supplier should offer a variety of hair types and different textures. This variety allows you to cater to a broader clientele and offer customised solutions. A supplier with an extensive range of options demonstrates their commitment to meeting your salon’s diverse needs.

Adhesive Quality:

The adhesive used for tape hair extensions is crucial for their longevity and comfort. Inquire about the type of adhesive your potential supplier uses and its quality. The high-quality adhesive should be strong enough to hold the extensions securely in place but also allow for easy removal without damaging the client’s natural hair. Test the adhesive on a small sample before committing to a supplier.

Remy Human Hair Extensions:

Remy human hair extensions are considered the gold standard in the industry. They are made from 100% human hair with the cuticles intact and aligned in the same direction. This results in a more natural look and smoother texture. Ensure your supplier offers Remy hair extensions, as they are highly sought after and preferred by clients.

Consistency in Colour Matching:

Colour matching is crucial for creating seamless hair extensions that blend seamlessly with the client’s natural hair. Seek suppliers that ensure consistent colour matching and offer a diverse range of shades and blends. Some suppliers even provide custom colour-matching services, enabling you to meet your client’s specific needs.

Responsiveness and Customer Support:

When collaborating with hair extension suppliers, effective communication and reliable customer support are essential aspects to prioritise. Choose a supplier who is responsive to your inquiries and can guide product selection and maintenance. They should also have a clear return and exchange policy in case of any issues with the products.

Pricing and Wholesale Options:

While quality should be a top priority, pricing is also a significant consideration for your salon’s profitability. Compare pricing from different suppliers and inquire about wholesale options or bulk discounts. Remember that the most affordable option may sometimes equate to the highest quality, so it’s important to strike a balance between cost considerations and product quality.

Shipping and Delivery Times:

Consider the shipping and delivery times provided by prospective suppliers. Fast and reliable shipping is crucial to ensure you have an adequate stock of hair extensions for your clients. Delays in delivery can disrupt your salon’s operations and lead to client dissatisfaction.


Selecting the right tape-in hair extension supplier is a critical decision that can greatly impact your salon’s success. Prioritise quality, authenticity, variety, adhesive quality, and colour matching when evaluating potential suppliers. By carefully assessing these criteria and choosing a reputable supplier, you can ensure that your salon offers top-notch tape-in hair extensions that satisfy your clients and contribute to the growth and profitability of your business.